Agenda – Election reform

Agenda – Election reform: The Youth agenda for strengthening parliamentary democracy

Elections in India; a highly criticised mechanism, engages both, the young and the old, yet when it comes to constructive alternatives, there seems to be a lack of contribution. With there being abundant debate on matters such as campaign funding and corruption regarding Indian elections, allowing the decision makers of tomorrow; the youth of today, to take the podium and voice opinions regarding the various changes that can be brought about to make the process more efficient, the said agenda has been chosen. The Indian electoral system has transformed over the past seventy years since independence, gaining strength and maturity, yet has been criticised for multiple aspects, which require reform. The participation of future leaders in posing ideas and methods to make the electoral system; the backbone of any democracy, function to its optimum potential, with minimum scrutiny and chaos and maximum effectiveness, is rudimentary. The discussion on the said subject matter will help educate the youth about the details of the current system of elections followed in the world’s largest democracy, as well as expose them to various other devices that can be employed to improve the said process. As inehritors of the future, the youth of today is the greatest stakeholder in the success of India’s democracy, and would thus engage with the topic, discuss and deliberate, and amend the Representation of Peoples’ act in order to strengthen India’s parliamentary democracy.

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